Methods and New Technologies

Added value right across the board

To remain at the forefront in the field by offering value-added high quality wood products, we needed to be constantly attentive to your needs and equip ourselves to always do more. The repeated investments in our equipment have allowed us to increase our production capacity as well as the quality of our products. We make sure not to overlook any steps to reach your goals.

Having the right information and choosing the raw material

Our philosophy is to make it right the first time. To accomplish this, the first step is to determine precisely your needs and seeing to all the details together. We offer several species of wood for your components. According to your orders, we pay special attention to the quality of wood we choose from sawmills in the north-eastern part of the continent. The main hardwood species used at Giguère & Morin are yellow birch, hard maple, soft maple, oak and cherry. By having our own lumber drying kilns, we can carefully monitor the dehumidification process, and our inventory of dry lumber allows us to quickly respond to your requests.

Maximize the contribution of new technologies

We optimize wood, a privileged resource, thanks to new technologies which allow us to retrieve the best part of the board. An investment of 1.5 million dollars in our breakdown line results in the most cost-effective production in today’s market, without compromising quality. Our state-of-the-art machinery park allows us to produce edge glued panels and dimension stock that meet perfectly required properties (dimension, quality and sanding).

Several stages of production are numerically controlled to ensure that your parts comply with your requirements. Thanks to the implementation of multiple verification points, everything is put under the loop. Our plant layout is inspired by several value-added production tools (VAP). The logic of precision and flexibility that we apply to machining has led us to abolish the concept of minimum quantities. Therefore, we produce products in small quantities, even one of a kind. “If we respond to customized requests, it is because our equipment allows us to do so.”