Giguère & Morin

Bank on the performance of wood components

The expertise acquired in the field and our state-of-the-art equipment give us the privileged status of a hardwood component supplier whose capacity of production is most suited to the needs and specifications of customers.

Manufacturers are at the core of our activities. To effectively meet their specific requests, we favour the continued development of a healthy collaboration between them, our suppliers and our employees. Communication and rigor are the keys to the success and satisfaction of all those involved in the manufacturing of our products.

Information, training and access to the right production tools are the three main factors for our success. Direct communication between our workers and our clients promotes an excellent understanding of the realities of our customers.

Our production has always been oriented towards value-added products. It’s our way of standing out and demonstrating day after day that making no compromises on quality can be profitable to everyone. Improved management and a more effective control of production have helped our company as well as our customers to grow by creating durable wood products.

We always create wood components by the unit or in series according to the highest standards of the market.